“How I plan to become a better learner”

I recently enrolled in a course on coursera. The course was a bit dull but at the same time very informative. I found this course “Learning How to Learn” by Dr. Barbara Oakley very useful. She explained we are familiar with focusing. It’s when you concentrate intently on something we’re trying to learn or to understand. But we’re not so familiar with diffuse thinking. Turns out that this more relaxed thinking style is related to a set of neural resting states. She explained well with the example of pinball. According to her in diffuse mode of thinking, we can look at things broadly from a very different, big-picture perspective. We can make new neural connections travelling along new pathways. We can’t focus in as tightly as you often need to, to finalize any kind of problem solving. Or understand the finest aspects of a concept. But we can at least get to the initial place you need to be in to home in on a solution. Now as far as neuro scientists know right now, we’re either in the focused mode or the diffuse mode of thinking. It seems we can’t be in both thinking modes at the same time. It’s kind of like a coin. We can see either one side, or the other side of the coin. But not both sides at the same time. Being in one mode seems to limit your access to the other mode’s way of thinking.

Modes of thinking according to Barbera Oakley

I learned many things from coursera course to tackle the problems I face while learning new things. For example, Barbara Oakley in her lecture explained that it is procrastination that is stopping us from starting a new thing. It interprets the unpleasant tasks or new learning as pain, hence our mind, subconsciously, try to divert our attention to other leisure activities. I usually face the problem of procrastination many times. So this is always a big challenge for me to learn new things as this hurdle disturbs me a lot.

Another challenge which I faced is fear of failure. I always predict about results like what if this will not work out for me, what if I am not doing this in right way etc. These fears sometimes make me reluctant for even taking first step of starting.

  1. The Pomodoro technique: I know about this trick already and it is very useful. Relaxing for some minutes in between studying actually helps the brain retain more information and process the new information better. So this technique can help me to be more productive.
The best technique.

2. To avoid Bad Worry and adopt Good Worry: Because Bad worry just wastes your energy and does not take you anywhere. While good worry can help you achieve your full potential.

These Ideas will help me to cope with stress in the future. And I hope these will help me get my work done earlier and improve the work quality.

I will surely apply these while leaning the new things during my professional and personal life.I will apply the pomodoro technique and the diffusive mindset because those are of much importance in doing things in excellent way. There are other takeaways like we have to think positive and making a list on daily basis and on weekly as well, also there is an update for exercise that it helps in building the new neurons which help in solving the problems. We should improve by taking small steps, by improving even one degree on daily basis.

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